Why an Orthodontist

Transform Your Smile. Boost Your Confidence. Advance Your Health

Orthodontists are dentists with additional years of training to specialize in the diagnosis, prevention, correction, and management of misaligned teeth and poorly positioned jaws.

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Orthodontists are Smile Specialists

Smiles are all we do. Drs. Kaye, and Yucha both have two years of additional post-doctoral training beyond dental school focused exclusively on orthodontics. To keep current with advancements in technology and treatments, they also frequently attend continuing education courses. With over three decades of combined experience and by treating hundreds of patients every month, they have developed the necessary expertise to deliver superior care.

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Orthodontists Discover the Root of the Problem Before Addressing the Symptoms

Straightening the front teeth is only a small part of creating a beautiful smile and healthy bite. We carefully diagnose a patient’s orthodontic problem with a thorough exam, including X-rays. Based on our findings, we’ll design comprehensive treatment options to correct both the bite and tooth alignment to ensure a stable, long-term result. When a patient fully understands the root of the problem, we can also discuss correcting tooth alignment only, because the patient understands the pros and cons of this limited treatment.

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Orthodontists Monitor your Progress Routinely

Once you’re a patient at MKY Orthodontics, we closely monitor your progress to ensure your smile is moving in the right direction. We quickly address any problems that may arise and work closely with you to fit your treatment to your lifestyle and goals.

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We Create Custom Treatment Plans that Match your Lifestyle

You can find all kinds of teeth-straightening treatments at all price points. But the best and most reliable option is to work with a licensed and experienced orthodontist who knows you personally. As orthodontists, we are seasoned and skilled in all the different treatment materials, methods, and techniques to ensure your smile is both aesthetically pleasing and healthy. No cookie-cutter treatment plans here. Each of our patients is unique, so we design a treatment plan that is best for you as an individual.

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